Raise your hand if you remember these people...

Segei Gonchar, Jagdish Teja, Kamisha Washington, …

Old friends, we meet again!

Simon Sasserman and I go way back. Used to play golf together at the country club.

Josephine Walsh…

Annoying political correctness made in USA. As if U care whetther the analyst is called Bob Miller or Jagadeesh Teja.

Yeah, no point making everyone feel included. Stupid wishy-washy PC.

They should all have good old WASP names. (Despite the fact that the majority of candidate now are probably Indian,)

Well, Why u think majority of candidates are INDIAN


APAC has more candidates AND the number is increasing faster, I assume (based on nothing) that it’s more popular in India than China which are the two big APAC countries.

I have always Men-In-Blacked when answering questions so in my mind I filed Jagdish as J, Kamisha as K and so on…

My favorite is of course Sarah Connor - I can almost bet the writer felt tempted to include her son John Connor in the case but thought maybe that was a bit too much.

I just skip the name altogether and refer to them as “cfa’er”. Probably sheds some light on why I’m terrible with names.

This thread is Max Gubler approved.

Max Gubler, the name you want to touch…but you mustn’t touch!