random BRIC shizzzzzz

doing some qbank now to review and was surprised to see a bunch of q’s that really are name the BRIC country that has BLAH. anyone want to play along? Which BRIC has the lowest/weakest: 1. Macroeconomic stability 2. Efficiency of Institutions 3. Open trade 4. Educational system Bonus- which 2 BRICS have the most rapid aging of their population? If this random memorization garbage is on the test, I’ll laugh. But since it hit me over the head on like 4 qbank q’s, figured I’d share. Will post answers in a little while. Enjoy.

open trade - China/India Educational - Russia/India

aging population is Russia and… India (total guess on India)

Macro - Russia Education - India Open trade - China Eff. Institution - Brazil Aging Russia & Brazil (guess on Brazil)

^ aging population… India and Russia

answers: Which BRIC has the lowest/weakest: 1. Macroeconomic stability- BRAZIL 2. Efficiency of Institutions- RUSSIA 3. Open trade- INDIA (I had guessed China b/c of them all pegging the yuan and stuff, but now I’ll try to remember how annoying it is to invest in India- access swaps, blahhhh, India it is) 4. Educational system- INDIA (this surprised me actually) Bonus- which 2 BRICS have the most rapid aging of their population? RUSSIA and CHINA ok I reviewed ss6 and ss7 so far today, going to take a hard look at my notes now at ss8 and then review. i checked out yesterday open book CFAI 2006. i realize that where I am in my learning, I need to learn more before I can do these exams not open book at all. I know almost no formulas cold yet. bad kitty. still have a month. long time. i feel in trouble, but we’ll see how much can be learned in a month. i am fairly motivated right now… maybe this me start late stuff will help me avoid any burnout. thx for playing team. resume your studying. :slight_smile:

But why are we naming the BRICs countries for each of these elements? It’s not a LOS guys!

Neither is when are the exam tickets going to be posted, but that seems to be an important topic lately.