Random papers you have written in college? (Sue me, I'm a nerd.)

What are some papers you have written in college? I’m a nerd and like other nerds, sue me… but you clicked on the thread. ------------------------------- My list: 1. Wrote about Facebook and tied it in with Erving Goffman, my favorite sociologist. 2. Economic policies on North vs. South Korea. U.S. / SK’s relations, NK’s juche thought. Histories of ancient East Asia - China/Korea/Japan/Mongolia 3. Confucianism / Buddhism / Christianity / Hindu / Judaism / Shamanic 4. Mythology of George Washington 5. Debunking the myths on divorce 6. Nature vs. Nurture - composition of the self 7. Monochronic time in the U.S. 8. Public policy as it relates to various typologies, institutional/non-institutional actors, policy formulation, current events, etc. 9. Random papers based on German art, literature and operas. Degenerate art was pretty awesome. Also wrote some stuff on Scandinavian literature. 10. Philosophy papers - materialist vs. Descartes vs. other stuff 11. Sociology stuff - Weber, Marx, Durkheim, all the standard curricula. Mostly concentrated on that communism / capitalism critique, bureaucracies being inefficient… also had a class in sociology of modern-day China. Got to see the class ridges, Mao’s influence, old Confucian values vs. westernization, etc. I don’t know how I got myself into this.

France and the motivation behind banning the burqa/niqab Darker side of MLK Jr. Khmer Rouge & genocide IASB & FASB and accounting regulations Personal ethical and moral value system Can’t remember anything else, but I’m sure I have stacks of em lying around somewhere in my closet…

Equity and Credit research reports mostly. That and research notes and excel projects. Wrote a massive paper on NEO’s (Near Earth Objects, and intensly interesting subject to me). Wrote a good one on “Waiting for Godot.” Genocide in Rwanda Some other crap that I dont remember nor choose to.

I wrote a paper defending that we don’t have free will. Man that philosophy prof was a hippie.

why pornography is a good thing for society the ever-intriguing relationship between dean martin and jerry lewis somewhere, i still have my last paper ever, which i got a 48% on and an “i expected better from you” from the professor. that paper also pulled me down to a B in that class. no regrets

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I was very good at selecting courses/professors that did not require any papers.

When I was still doing my ‘core curriculum’ [before business classes kicked into high gear] I had to take a lit course where we could change something major about a short story and re-read it. I made “The Metamorphosis” into a story called “Gregor the cupcake” where the protagonist awakes as a giant frosted cupcake. There were differences throughout the rest of the story. I remember re-doing the scene where Gregor’s father throws apples at him; in my version he throws delicious maraschino cherries at him, which embed directly in his frosting, lending him a festive look. Eventually the family’s maid gets him in the oven and runs a cleaning cycle. I got an A+ on that paper - probably the only one of my English career. Did an analysis of IKEAs marketing angle Did analysis of AAPL (our conclusion was a prescient ‘don’t buy’, which would have saved you from troublesome 150% gains over the next year or so) Did a marketing plan for a hybrid car that had to tout something other than the ‘green’ features of the car Long paper on McCarthyism and the witch hunt era

-Translating newly discovered ancient chinese texts is probably my most unique. -Also, I wrote a ton that were basicly about pulling together different facts to support an argument. Topic is kind of irrelevant. since all of those are more about thought process. -Won an national award for an English paper (Oedipus as Colonus, King Lear and Kusosawa’s Ran comparitave analysis), although it was not related to my major. Okay, work done for the weekend. Off to a Pavement show, man I’m just a yupster douche:).

  • The G-spot: Myths and Realities By IEV Peer reviewed no less.

Sexual Violence in Advertisements It was quite interesting btw, I was hugely underestimating the topic when I picked it up, ended up working much more than what I planned and what was required… it was that much interesting!

During freshman year in Comp I, we were given instructions to choose a topic and argue both sides. I chose feminism. My pro-feminism argument was some bland, pro-feminism sounding paper with a bland, pro-feminism title. My anti-femitism paper was titled “Somebody Put a Leash on that Bulldyke”. The professor told me to rewrite the paper or he would fail me, giving me the topic of nuclear proliferation… Oh, the early years. I would eventually grow up and write papers about the struggles of Detroit, the writings of Thomas Paine, the events surrounding the Asian crisis, and I somehow managed to compare the slave trade to modern financial markets in a history class.

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