Random question about the exams

I know someone will probably tell me to just look over a pass exam, but my idea is to save them all for the last part of my study so I won’t have those moments where you do a practice exam and can’t reuse it because then you’ll tend to remember the answers for the questions you did not know. Anyways, generally speaking, are the test like school tests where majority of questions cover key parts and understandings and a minority cover details, or is it more like a giant exam that can be basically testing anything?

well there are big topics that get tested more often than others, but level 1 is like a “vocab test” where it can cover anything in the books. But if you feel ready for practice problems then have at it,what’s the point in waiting? You CAN re-use practice tests/problems, albeit it might not be quite the same, but if you don’t write the whole answer in the problem the first time then you can redo and redo and redo. The best advice I have is to start doing practice problems/tests and take them over and over again as many times as possible.

Yes they’re pretty much like school tests. The exam proctor names a few words from cfai glossary. U need to correctly spell them and you are through. Pay attention to words in ethics particularly. There’s an ethics adjustment that saves you. Good luck.

I think rote learning will go a long way for Level 1. L2 and L3 are different I think.

i suggest you do a couple of mocks NOW i would not worry about using the up, there a 6 mocks in Schweser books, 1 Schweser online, 1 Elan online, this years CFA mock, and mocks from a couple of years back…more than enough… when you do a couple of mocks, you learn how to study

ahmad stop giving level 1ers such bad advice, get a life you loser. jk, you’re the man and everyone should listen to this. The sooner you start doing tests/problems you learn as you go and then can repeat them sooner, then repeat them again sooner and just keep doing them.

There are so many questions between the mock exams and study material providers that you should NOT worry about running out of questions. If you’re in a situation where you know how to do all the problems on every sample exam, even if it’s because you remember how you did them before, then you’re in good shape (I’m not talking about remembering the answer is C… I’m talking about remembering the trick or method to work the problem). I would definitely not recommend waiting until the last minute to do mock exams. The only reason I can see saving one for the last minute it to practice under time constraints. However, time was not a constraint on level one (during the December sitting I think most were done with 30-45 minutes to spare for each session). That may change for this setting - nobody knows that except the CFAI at this point.