Random thought

Were there any ladies among the regulars here over the last 3 months??

Well I’m not really a regular as I tend to read this only and not post much, but I’m a lady. There doesn’t seem to be many women do this, even in the exam room. However, the only person I know who passed all three levels on first attempt was in fact a woman.

me :slight_smile:

…although I am also not sure if I would count as a regular. Like Bexter I have been reading the posts, but haven’t actually written much.

Also, if you are a lady, you must post pictures to, in fact, prove your woman hood. It’s only fair.

nuppal, shouldn’t be focusing on the test?

HAHAHA everyone gives nuppal cr@p if he makes a post these last few days. I know you’re secretly reading every thread :wink:

anyone taking the exam tomorrow should not be studying right now anyway! like myself, I just called it quits. going to watch the Office, and enjoy not studying/thinking for about 5 hours.