Rank of importance

1.) Equity 2.) FRA

3.) … 10.)??

how does the rest of the curriculum stack up in terms of relative importance?

1 = ethics. get it right foo

i havent even looked at ethics yet

For CFAL2 ethics is not as important as CFAl1.

^ And why is that RR?

Equity /FRA/Ethics/CF/Derivatives

everything else is whatever, especially silly quant

Equity and FRA are obviously the most important.

Personally, I would add Corporate finance in with them. The lines are so blurry that sometimes it’s hard to tell one from the other.

And you can’t separate fixed income from derivatives either. They borrow heavily from each other. I’d put these two at #3.

^I guess I really need to step up my derivatives game… I’ve been slaughtered by derivatives (40-50%) on the two full mock exams (68-72%) i’ve taken thus far.