Rank the mock exams on level of their difficulty

I am planning on taking my first mock this afternoon. I don’t feel as if I am ready yet but still want to get started and see where I stand. I want to start with the easiest and work my way up to more difficult ones. What order would you guys recommend? I only have 2014 Elan and CFA mocks.

I’ve done 4 Schweser, 1 Elan and 1 CFA mock so far. In terms of difficulty I would rate them as: Elan (hardest) > CFA > Schweser (easiest). Saying that though I would still recommend doing the Elan ones before the CFA ones as the CFA ones are most representative of the final exam so its better to do them once you’re more prepared.

Is the level of real exam between CFA mock- schweeser?

The feedback from last year was that the mock was harder than the real exam which would place it between the CFA mock and Schweser. However I think this years mock is easier than last years so is probably closer to the real thing (assuming the difficulty of the real exam doesn’t change).

Thank you Swiftly! I will start with Elan mocks. Anyone who has taken all four Elan mocks can tell me which is the easiest one?

If you really want a challenge, get the FinQuiz mocks. Absolutely insane. The Elans mocks are definitely harder than Schweser. I thought the CFAI was harder than Schweser’s mocks, though.

FinQuiz- LOL i can’t remember if i ever was able to get >40-50% in any of their itemset…just gave up…i think there questions are good for revision…

Dont have the courage to do their mock…so have dropped the plan…

2013 CFAI mock > 2012 CFAI mock > 2014 CFAI mock > Schweser mock