Rant: I'm officially burnt out (yes, after the exam)

Much of May was spent pulling 100 hour weeks (combined at both work and studying.)

I’ve been going strong up until the exam but…

The sensation of burnout finally caught on. Luckily, it’s AFTER the exam.

Just spent an entire day at work doing nothing…

Remember the saying that 80% of the work is done during 20% of the time? Today’s one of those days where the ratio is more like 99 to 1.

I was feeling burnt out right before the exam but now I am feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

Need to study something, lol.

I have felt the exact same way this week. I do most of the accounting for a small, publically-traded company and we submitted our annual report the Friday before the test. So the 2 weeks prior to the test were crazy for me and I am just completely spent.

I have exercised more this week than any MONTH when I was studying. Probably cancels out considering all the beer I’ve drank, though.

On top of studying, I had to cover for another employee who was granted time off to study for the CFA exam during the last 2 weeks. Have done jack this week at work (so far.)

Well that’s BS. I hope that person was studying for Level II or III!

Yeah, that person was studying for II.

Also feeling withdrawal symptoms I need to do something other than sit and read every thread on this forum

Try play skyrim, hehe, that’s what i’m doing. (as well as checking my email every day to see if they’ve posted the results). On that note, does anybody know when the results are going to be released?

Life seems so booring after exam, without books. I became so accustomed to studying late nights and study all day before the exams that i feel as if something is wrong when i watch Euros 2012 or going to bed early. This is, however, not to say that i am disappointed to have this free time, i just want to say i am already looking forward to next assignment. This could be studying level 1 again, studying FRM 1 or could be studying for level 2 exam.

Obviously, i would like a new challenge now!!! :slight_smile:

Me too! I check forums every other day, i dont know what I am expecting to find but i just do. This week has been the laziest ever compared to the week before it, I miss the rush and running out of time! Specially that i dont work so i am BORED

Yes, +1. i was resting on the weekend and it was something totally wierd. Freaked me out.

Need to cover and find something new to dive into.

Seniors help please.

I’m contemplating doing another exam while I wait for my CFA I results (pretty confident I passed, more than 50% likely but not too sure.)

Maybe FRM I? Or CMT? (I’m in Trading)

Hardest part now is explaining the slump in the next performance review…