[Ranting] - relative value analysis EOCs

Has anyone else found the initial few EOC confusing and useless?

I have decided to skip them…

Sorry for useless thread… I had to let it out.

Yep. Did them yesterday. I wouldn’t say that they were useless, but I had a few WTF moments.

If I remember correctly, the EOC tested stuff that was not included in the reading. Like the breakeven FWD spreads.

You will notice that they even mentioned on top of the EOC that answers were subjective (LOL).

That, in conjunction with the fact that there was hardly any BB in that reading, leads me to believe that only the most important concepts are likely to be tested, like e.g. the effects of primary activity on spreads, swap spreads and general common sense regarding the relative value analysis.

Yeah… there are lot more other areas where spending time is more worth.