Rape or not?

You be the judge


tl:dr - girl basically is unable to speak up, act in her own right. where do you draw the line between what is rape and what is a girls inability to act?

On the one hand I’ve had encounters with girls 2-3 times that I did not want to happen, one of which I was pretty heavily pressured and put in an uncomfortable situation. But in the end, I also felt that ultimately I was in control, partially because I was a guy. It wasn’t like I was at gunpoint, so I do think sometimes you just make a mistake and have to live with it.

In her case though, I think it looks a lot like rape. I was very careful growing up to be overly respectful with boundaries witih girls I was dating. I think guys should be for this exact reason, and I think he crossed that line.

According to her testimony she did speak up. He chose not to hear and press on. If true (I think so) the onus is on him. Esp considering the age difference.

We’re trying to stay away from rape-themed threads lately, and I think it’s been a good thing.

For now, this talk seems ok, but if the discussion starts to get out of control, we’re going to nuke the thread.

Good idea. Nuke it. (At the risk of losing my immortal prose.) Nothing to see here.

Don’t nuke it. The scumbag raped it and deserves to be locked up and chained like the traitor Ned Stark!

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Don’t talk about rape, Mattlikesanalysis don’t like it…

This seems civil enough. It’s not like we’re talking about how dangerous a group of Indian men on a bus can be.

^ Stirring the pot

If what she says it true, then it is an easy answer. The guy crossed the line. He took advantage of a younger naive girl.

Hmm, tough one. But I would say it’s not rape. Both people were put in a peer pressure environment and had some understanding of what was going to happen. The guy didn’t force her physically - if she had tried to fight him off physically, he probably would have stopped. We can say the girl was in that situation due to some weird environment, but the guy was too.

The guy is not innocent (per her story). He led her up there to take advantage of her. It’s not like they were at a party and both shoved into a closet to kiss.

“I said, ‘No, no, no, keep it up here,’ ” said the girl, signaling above her waist. “I tried to be as polite as possible.”

He went further and further “down there.” He clearly put his hands across her state line. Now she’s twice shy.

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I find this one a tough one. She did say no when he first went south, but it seems when he went south again she didn’t protest. If she had said no again, no question it’s sexual assault. The lack of a second “no” makes it gray for me, especially since she had a history with him of first saying no and then changing her mind.

Don’t worry, I’m also new to GOT, but have gotten far enough to know that his statement isn’t fully accurate.