Rate my final 1.5 month game plan

I plan on re-reading all my quick notes i made on each book and do all the questions in the CFA institute textbooks by the end of this month.

The last month I plan on doing as many questions as I can, and doing as many mocks as I can.

This is the last time I’m writing level 3 and I am starting to get nervous. Good luck everyone.

Add CFA past exams…

Will add. Where are those available ? from the institute site ?


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I would start doing mocks as soon as you can. No reason to wait until the last month. If you are doing Schweser there are 6 exams, then you have the 3 morning sessions from the CFA (more if you google), CFA mocks, etc, etc, etc. There’s enough material out there to cover, so jump right in.

i feel like the first exam book from schweser (3 exams) are enough, in previous years i felt that the 2nd exam book from schweser was not that usefull. on top of that obviously all mocks starting from 2012