Ratigan crushes Desi

Somehow i missed this video from way back http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232?video=859038023&play=1 fast forward to 8 minutes

One of these days, Diligan is going to mess with the wrong person, and that person is going to smoke Diligan. Can’t wait to see that. I don’t know who that guy thinks he is! He’s a freaking news man, not an analyst.

Agreed. He’s long overdue for a major beat down. I remember one time he was interviewing this beautiful adult film model and he was mouthing off to her like she was just another slut. Like he didn’t even bother to listen to her. Believe it or not, she was quite intriguing. Willy

He has no tact. He’s like Bill O’Reilly. He will ask a question and then interrupt the guest after they’ve said 3 words.