Rating Agencies Analyst Position

I had two questions regarding this matter:

  1. Do you guys think getting a cpa will be beneficial to that position ?Working on bonds and ABS all the time.Since its long hours and less pay than other places
  2. What exits ops are there?

I am thinking about getting the CPA and moving to become a moody analyst

whast your end goal

^moving to transactional finance.I love making deals happen as an intermediary.Jumping directly to such places after graduation is unlikely,thats why I am considering this

Ok, well do it then.

If you want to do transactional finance, i think the easiest way is probably become an accountant at one of the big 4 firms. first of all, they have high demands in their advisory department and they like to recruit from within or at least other big 4 accountants. having an audit background does give you an edge in terms of due diligence and quite honestly you can do the whole CFA thing later if you think that will give you an extra edge.

That’s my 2 cents.


^I g shall focos on the CPA then