rating agencies

From Bloomberg; "Morgan Stanley’s Rating May Be Cut by Moody’s; Goldman Outlook Is Negative " Why doesn’t Moody’s and S&P and the rest of them all just piss off? Are they trying to stuff absolutely everything up???

Before they rated everything AAA now they are downgrading everything…

exactly talk about late to the party

What Charter/designations do the people who are analyzing the companies at Moody’s/S&P usually have? Is it mostly CFA Charterholders? If this is the case, then are these ratings not just another (much reputed) variants of buy/sell recommendations? The difference I see is that buy/sell recommendations usually give an opinion on stock price whereas a rating will (probably) cater to the creditor’s confidence.

Ratings are about their ability to service debt. Buy/Sell are about their stock price relative to the stock market (I guess).

The truth is that the rating agencies aren’t wrong, they are just very late. Can you honestly make an argument that these companies shouldn’t be downgraded (or shouldn’t have previously been downgraded)?

i rate these agency as F

F-. What good are all our nukes if we can’t use them on rating agenciess?