Did I miss the discussion or news? What happened to the S&P type rating that posters had. Now it just gives points.

The rating system seemed a bit odd since it was based on number of posts. What wold be very helpfull would be if users could +1 an comment or answer and that person would get an improved rating. I would help in the study fourms since you could tell better whether the person answering the question has a good track record

I think it would also be nice to just have “Like” type functionality to posts, so that you can agree with what someone has written without needing to actually write a post to say “Agreed”. It would also give a sense of how many people are actually reading the posts. I’d be curious to know how many “readers only” there are on AF vs. active posters.

I never understood the rating system on here. I think I was CCC, but I never know how the AF robot came up with that.

Chad said something about removing the ratings. I thought it was kind of cute, but never quite understood where that was supposed to go.

I too think a thumbs up / thumbs down button would be good.

Do away with points, in their current form, altogether. Let’s do a thumbs up/down button and have a new points system based on aggregated net up/down votes.

Then, if people care, bring back the rating system to give members a general idea of how active the poster has been in the past.

wait, Bchad, are you the creator of this site?

No: bchad != chad…

But I do have some input into things like site policy, etc…

I don’t know if AF has enough active participants to warrant a Reddit-style rating voting system. Everyone here is more or less familiar with everyone else. Hence, our voting will be biased by pre-existing opinions. For instance, Blake might post the best thing ever, but I might still downvote him because I think he is a douche. Or, if a particular commenter sets a high bar through repeated high quality posts, he might not get votes for good posts which are just not good for that particular person.

I actually prefer the ABC rating system over listing the point totals, especially if the points are based solely on the number of posts you make. The ABC rating is less arbitrary in some ways, since it tells you where you rank relative to other AF commenters. Without the letter, something like “1000 posts” conveys no direct information.

Eliminating all points/ranks is obviously a bad idea, because some high point people will feel betrayed.

why dont’ we have a thread where we post pics of reporters and we vote on their hotness…

AF is a lot more than just Water Cooler and Investments. The up/down point system would be especially helpful to those in the L1-L3 forum where they need actual help with problems. Someone with a +150 rating, for example, could be seen as more reliable than someone that’s been consistently downvoted to have an overall negative rating.

For those of us that no longer use the exam forums, it would just be a good way to “like” someone’s post…or better yet, downvote them to oblivion when they’re being a douche (or taking the thread in a tangent no one cares about). Since it would be a running tally of all your posts, it should - in theory - promote better behavior.

Somewhat like reddit, but without actually being able to move posts/threads based on number of up/down votes. Dealbreaker has something like this.

This right here would get my upvote. Nothing crazy in terms of implementation:

-Threads are still shown in the subforums with “most recently modified” on top.

-Initial post and all subsequent posts are listed chronologically

-Next to each comment in a thread is a set of buttons, a thumbs up and a thumbs down.

-You can change your vote at any time, but only get one vote per comment.

-When inside a thread, next to each comment in the thread is a tally of the net upvotes for that post (upvotes - downvotes).

-When you’re in a forum directory, next to each thread is a small number showing the ‘net upvotes’ for the whole thread.

This’d be awesome because it serves as a weak ‘crowdsourced’ style of moderation. Post something totally rude, stupid, or offtopic? Downvotes for you. Post something useful or entertaining to fellow AF folks? Upvotes for you. If you really wanted to, you could give out credit ratings based on net upvotes.

Yeah, this sounds a lot like Reddit’s system, but with the change that thread and reply order would not be re-jiggered based on upvotes. And one of the reasons the reddit system is so popular is because it works pretty well.

the vote thing on comments is stupid…*upvote*

This is analystforum not analyst.stackexchange…