Rational for annual testing...?

Does anyone know the reason why CFA is tested only once a year (demand, limit the number of CFA charterholders, difficulty of organizing the exams)? Other certifications are carried out quarterly or semi-annually. Isn’t the December Level 1 test time reletively new? Has anyone heard of them extending that to L2 and L3 since there has been an increase in candidates? Just curious. Couldn’t find anything searching. Thanks

I am assuming that this way people would get more work experience by the time they have all 3 exams, just my guess

Um, because they’re making huge amounts of money this way and growing the program exponentially. Why should they mess with it?

Wouldn’t they make more money by making the test available more often? They’d recieve testing fees more often and there would be more charterholders to pay the annual fee in the world. Plus we could get our charters faster…in theory. I mean why do they only test LI twice a year?

Why not. Its sopposed to take up to 5-6 months of time in order to study. What would be the point of taking the test every month? Not only would the failing rate increase but you would also get a larger number individuals who probably wouldn’t take it too seriously - not to mention the grading method would turn to crap.

supposedly cfai reevaluates the material being tested, adding/removing learning outcome statements. the more they offer the exam, the more time they have to spend altering test material, lol. i think L1 is offered twice as a way to weed out the candidates, since the exams thereafter will be taken by more serious cfa candidates. my two cents