RC: Covered Everything, working on weak points which are....

for me, and I know its stupid, but the currency part of PM just confuses me. I know its relatively simple stuff, and I probably have devoted the appropriate amount of time, but I jsut havent gotten it yet. I still have to go over some stuff from Quant and you can probably never do enough work on Finance and Fixed Income. What sections do you still not fully grasp?

Derivatives. I don’t even know how much time I’ve spent on it and while I think conceptually I understand what’s going on, I manage to fail it every time in practice tests.

I continue having problems with FSA especially two sections: all-current vs temporal and FSA synthesis.

I’m with you on the FC junk in PM, caspian. I know it should be easy, but my eyes just gloss over when I start reviewing it…same way for emerging market valuation.

The emerging market valuation sector…I really dont understand it. I mean, Schweser dedicates how many pages, seven or so, to that calculation and then ends it with “oh by the way, everything we just did is not going to be on the test.” I noticed that last year also.

I hate the emerging market valuation topic!!! HATE IT… and btw, what SHOULD we know about that topic?!!

I’ve gone through EM once, and wrote “Do EM xxxx date” about 3-4 times on my calendar. Still haven’t touched it since.

“and btw, what SHOULD we know about that topic?!!” I think we’re all in agreement about that section. ::cue some schmuck telling us how simple the section is and how awesome he is that he knows it::