RC: Studies Every Single Day

::Raises hand::

i dont…not possible to study everyday…i try to put more effort on sundays

me me me… Although of the 3 hours or so I study each weeknight some of that time is inevitably spent browsing the internet.

I look at the CFAI book every night…

CFAHouston, does it still look pretty sitting on your bookshelf?

:: Me :: But 3 hrs goes this way, 30 min, trying to concentrate 1 hr reviewing, but thinking of somethign else while reviewing 1 hr browsing Analystforum - most interesting part 30 min, something I heard, saw, felt and remembered between these above activities.

Change study to look at illicit photos/videos on the internet…and yes.

My studying is limited to the weekends, and even then I’ve only been studying on Saturdays (Sunday is dedicated to my hangovers). I’ll probably start studying both days come March. My work day is usually from 8am-8pm, so my brain is in no condition to learn and retain CFA material in the evening. I would KILL to be done with work at 5pm like some people.

Haha now now Zombie… I’m sure there is a much easier way to get a job that ends at 5. Probably no CFA required either…