Re-doing CFAI Past Exams

Wanted to know your thoughts on this? Do you think this would be effective and value-added in repeating these exams if you’ve done them already over the last few weeks or a futile exercise?

i thnik doing it all over again would not probably yield much but rather a quick glance to recall those concepts that you would difficult first time would be worth investing.

I think you should at least read the questions, think about what you would say, and then read what they answered it with…sometimes you totally misinterpret what they were asking for.

true. I was just doign Hale foundation question. I minsterpreted when they said, foundation contributes 80-85% to the clinic as being equal to adjusting the distribution requirement to 85% of the 11Mn that they were planning to distribute. I have no idea why I even thought the way I did. funy when you look back at these instances.

^haha I did that initially too! It was very confusing the way they worded it. I thought the $11M at first was the total budget so figured 80% of that.

well I ended up doing the way I did because of simple additions mistake. i got the total return wrog 5.1+2.5+0.4 =9?? so when I did the follow up question, there was nothing that matched the return(all of them below 9%) so went back and misinterpreted what I interpreted correctly to start with… if only I had calc 8% correclty, I may not have done the mistake. well am saying all this to finally pose a question. would you start with indiv port question or would you leave it to the end. my friend who passed L3 last year suggested that it is betterr to do it at the end since if you start messing it up(which could happen since these questions are typically logn) then you will loose confidence, wil be under time pressure and it just keeps mounting and the whole thing will become a nightmare… any thoughts?