Have you or anyone you know ever failed band 10, paid the re-grade fee and then had their failing grade changed to a passing one?

I believe that every report we’ve had on AnalystForum resulted in no change.

I’m not 100% certain of that, however.

I’ve also never heard of it happening either. I actually tried that last year after my Bank 10 fail to no avail. CFI probably laughs at the people who take them up on the $100 retab.

My assumption is some of that 8-10 weeks the CFAI spends grading tests is focusing on Band 10s specifically to ensure their decision is correct. I’d say it’s a majority of the 2-3 weeks difference between L1 & L2 versus L3. They’d probably give it to people on the razor’s edge rather than face a large amount of retablation overturns because faith in the process is so important.

It is a massive waste of time with the amount of quality controls that they must use before issuing the marks, but put me in a position where I have failed with a band 10 and a decent matrix and I would fork out the $100…


Was counting the 15 seconds to apply for the retab process… honest wink

Of course.

I bow my head in shame.

the conspiracy is that CFAI often reverses candidates into pass from a fail but make them sign a non-disclosure form stating that it would violate the code of professional conduct if they go on a forum and tell people about it!

even after reading all this I would still pay $100 for a retabulation at band 10…the difference between a pass/fail here is likely 3 points (1 multiple choice question) or some subjective partial credit on the essay… its too much at risk… 400 hours of studying and another year because a grader was tight with the points is too much… I’d send a check for $1000 if there was any chance

Also, just to restate what the retabulation is…(as I’ve paid for it in the past too).

For the written part of the exam, the CFA employee will simply have a person add up the score again. They do not regrade questions, or question what the grader initially scored any particular answer. The “retabulation” for $100, is simply for a ten-key summation of what was already graded, and probably to check for data entry errors.

It’s a slim shot for a change in pass/fail.

No way I’d pay for a retab, band 10 or not…no way it’s gonna make any difference.

Retab is a quick way to make a buck.

To make things worse, a correction in the retab process is not free of charge.

What the **** is this post.

^^ I’m not saying I believe it… but it wouldn’t suprise me if they actually find an error… they ask the candidate not to disclose the reversal.

retab for essays are more logical thing to have only if they regrade the exam instead of just summing up… with what has been on offer, i would restrain from doing that… it will very rarely lead to change in score given their current practice and QC in place

i disagree… if they don’t prevent this news from going public, they will benefit… imagine if we all are aware that retab does change results… so many of band 10 will apply for retab…

Yes, retabulating L3 doesn’t mean they re read your AM answers and score it again. They add up the points that the graders gave you and just double check the adding of points

My thoughts exactly. Always, one person with consipiracy theories.

I was told that there is a big gap between passing and failing candidates and 1-2 missed question are not going to be the crusial ones…

^&obviously there is a cutoff and thousands of candidates miss it buy 1-2 questions