Re: L1 Ethics - Schweser notes enough?

Hello, I was wondering if those of you who already passed level 1 could let me know if preparing the Ethics portion of Level 1 exam with Schweser only (approx. 70 pages) would be sufficient to pass this portion of the exam? (i.e. >70%) or must I read the handbook + CFAI? i ask as i am really running out of time for the december exam… (i have not even finished reading other volumes yet) thanks in advance

Think it is best to read the handbook.

I only used Schweser and I got over 70% on ethics. Just read, read, and read and then do a whole lot of questions and you’ll be fine.

yeah also make sure you can not only identify whether or not a violation has occured, but WHICH part of the code was violated. Most exam questions would be like "Sarah did this and Mike did that…Sarahs is likely a violation of… a-fair dealing b- priority of transaction c- duty to employer. they seem to love asking about fair dealing vs priority of trans so definitely have those down too. good luck!