re-negotiate rejected work experience

Hi guys, I submitted 61 months experience to CFA institute after passing Level III, but they only accepted 38 months. I was told that the first 2 years of my experience were rejected. I believe my 2 years of corporate financial analyst experience should be at least partly relevant if not all. I probably didn’t phase it well. I am wondering if anyone has ever re-negotiated with CFA Institute on the rejected experience to have it reconsidered? Thanks a lot!

yes, search “work experience” in L3 forum for past year or so, many threads on it. I myself have had my months count upped once, going for it again…

Definitely worth contesting otherwise you are looking to wait for 10 more months…

Did CFA Institute tell you the reason of rejection?

They do not.

No they didn’t tell me the reason. I guess I should have worded it better. I was being super honest with the details but at least some of my work was related to investment decision making. I found that my experience on the website is still editable but I am not sure if I edit my experience now it is going to be viewed negatively.

Go ahead and re-edit, and tell them to re-review. Won’t hurt anything (at least, I’ve never heard of anyone going backward in accepted WE counts.)

Thanks! I just wrote them an email asking if I could resubmit my experience. I am going to do that anyway while the experience is still editable.