Re: Numi

Where’s my coffee?

Good question! Where’s mine?

It’s right next to mine when you go order it and deliver it. I’ll pay and tip. Thanks!!!

Numi are you interning for Chi now?

It’s with pinkman’s paper.

Yeah, apparently I’ve signed myself up to be chitasan’s new intern. I see some good growth potential here, but would also welcome a more thorough discussion of perks and benefits. Any thoughts?

Only if you’re good eye candy.

Numi -the data submitted by Chi was narrow in scope, and insufficient to reliably deny or confirm the presence of positive perkiness. However, closer scrutiny may reveal better-than-average perks, so we here at Jonesicus, Sons, & Co. unanimously advise you to conduct further due diligence on the matter. Although the initial perk test was inconclusive, benefits for the incumbent intern -at the very least- should include back rubs of varying degrees, exposure to Chi’s attractive friend, and (if you’re lucky) regular professional laundering of one’s personal wardrobe. Chi -if you don’t mind, please feel free to elaborate/fill some of the gaps missing in this analysis.

Chitasan - Of course, when I mentioned “perks and benefits,” you did know that I was referring to them strictly in the professional sense, yes? :slight_smile: However, since you mentioned it, I’m pretty sure that my physical presentation hasn’t hurt me professionally (or socially for that matter), but what do I really know. How about yourself?

Jones - and I thought I had a lot of free time! You guys can get pretty creative. Numi - 1. “perks and benefits” in the professional sense in regards to what profession? 2. Lets do a preliminary interview. What are your credentials? 3. Don’t believe it till I see it. 4. I look like a troll.

Actually, don’t send any proofs. You know how sometimes people have preconceived ideas of certain things? Well, it’s kinda like that and right now you’re not doing so bad so don’t ruin it.

cjones65 - thank you for your legal expertise and fairness opinion. I like the way things are going. However, as you suggested, past performance isn’t always indicative of future results, so I’d be curious to hear chitasan elaborate on her ability to execute and perform in more intense situations.

Geez, I don’t even know what to say to that. I’m laughing pretty hard though. What the hell is “execute and perform in more intense situations?”

chitasan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Actually, don’t send any proofs. You know how > sometimes people have preconceived ideas of > certain things? Well, it’s kinda like that and > right now you’re not doing so bad so don’t ruin > it. Thanks chitasan - I aim to please. I’m guessing my proofs will reaffirm most of what you’ve been thinking about me (for better or for worse). For what it’s worth, you don’t sound so bad yourself.

For anyone reading -Take note of what Numi just did. Chi was up there, and he was down here. Right? Chi was on top, and she was asking him the questions. Then all of a sudden the interview started, Chi asked him some questions, he answered some questions … then Numi started asking her the questions, and he flipped it. Now Chi’s trying to impress him. Classic Larry David move.

Silly Jonesicus, Sons, & Co., you’re looking beyond the obvious. Also, you gotta switch positions frequently to keep the fun going.

And which financial stock do you want your payment in for saying somewhat neutral to positive remarks you’ve said about me?

Hey chitasan, I’d be interested in continuing our little dialogue. If you’re up for it, feel free to drop me a note at porcupines (at) gmail (dot) com. Oh yeah, as for your original question - I’ve got your coffee.

Chi -I will continue to offer fair and balanced remarks on the condition that you keep your courtship of numi reasonably public, thereby providing valuable insight into the nuances of online social interaction -in a sense, this will be a public service on your part. If you decline, I will accept shares of BRK.A.

lol. Courtship? Just trying to test a possibly new career with oldest known profession since my degree isn’t doing much for my future. I joke. …maybe. And cjones, you’re the only one enjoying this besides me and possibly numi. Everyone else is hoping this thread gets deleted ASAP.