Is anyone having difficulty accessing the re-register page?? I haven’t re-register yet as the page is always showing an error!

My students did not have any problems re-registering.

Perhaps try the following:

  • Try using Google Chrome (if you are using other browsers).
  • Clear your browser cache.

If all else fails, then contact CFA Institute. Pretty sure they will be glad to help.

Thank you! it’s working after clearing cache. I’ve got another question please. None of the early/standard/late dates fees are applicable to us as we’re re-registering, right?? Which means I can register late for June 2021 and still don’t get charged the late dates fees. But will kaplang grant us access till June 2021?!!

You’re not affected by any fees for re-registration, be it Dec 2020 or Jun 2021.

Not sure about your 3rd party prep provider. You will have to email them to check if it is extended. It would be normal for them to extend it to December 2020, but not sure if they will extend it to June 2021.

Thank you so much!