Re-scheduling Level 1, June 2012 to Dec 2012


Is it possible to re-schedule my Level 1 exam from June to Dec 2012?

I had actually registered late and also I don’t have any financial background. I can’t really skim through the books to complete it before May. (as they advise to keep the last month only for reviews and tests).

Over that, my wife is pregnant and I have a 4 year old daughter to take care of.

Please let me know what options do I have about re-scheduling the exam.

thanks RJ

On top of that, I still have to read 4 books!!! I’m in a pretty bad shape!! above is a link to CFAI withdrawl page. You can withdrawl from the June and re-register for the Dec 2012 exam, you’ll have to pay the Dec exam fee. Look at as a ~$400 mistake/issue. I believe you won’t have to buy the CFAI books just pay for the exam fee. Good luck. W

Thank you Warren