Re-taker but scored only 60% in full length test-any suggestions

Hi I am new to this forum, I am retaker of Level-II, I failed with band score 9 last year but i would not blame my self bcz I had not enough time to prepare and could not practice much of the quest. So, I started my preparation early since mid of Jan, 2012, I thought i will be able 2 grasp all the concept & most of the things which i read, i will be able to recall but now my cup is completely full & still Corporate Governance is left. To know my status of preparation, I took one full length Volume 2 practice-1 Item set and scored only 60% Appx. I realized whatever i learned could not recall properly. Is this a problem with everyone or just i am the only one in this boat. What %ge of score will keep me at safe side. Very much sad with my self. Any sugesstions and strategy shall highly be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

60% on a mock at this point is fine. we have just under 8 weeks to go. lots of time. at level 1 I improved my mock scores by about 10-15% in the last 4 weeks. if you are doing mocks now, you are ahead of most of us.

I took half of a mock last night and got a 60% and I feel like I’m still on track. I’ve got a couple study sessions to go, though. Just focused on the areas of the mock exam where you felt weak and go over those areas and then take another Mock. Focusing on the areas where you felt weak after each mock should really help improve your scores.

Don’t get hung up on the first score. I took my first half of a mock a week ago, spent a few days reviewing some weak spots, did the other half a couple days ago. I improved my score from a 62% to 68% just be pounding in concepts that I hadn’t really learned well the first go around. I think if you focus on learning from your mocks, you will be on track.

dude , I think you are much ahead of the curve . I am a retaker too (Band 5) started very late I am done just 50-60% of the total .But I had remembered quite a few concepts from last year , that apart I am studying from both schweser and CFAI and solving all the problems including blue box in CFAI alongwith the chapters . I suggest you to do CFAI problems and chapter summary even if you have done it , because doing so helps you to remember and reiterate concepts , and then start with mocks , besides 60% on 1st mock is not bad at all .

I think retention is a huge challenge , but what I do is I dedicate 1 hr everyday to randonmly pick on the concepts which I have studied , solve a very tough problem on that , glance at the notes I have written during study breaks or before sleeping etc

I plan to finish everything by may 2nd or 3rd and then re read my weak areas for next 10 days while solving CFAI concepts , finally around 15-20 days before the exam I will solve-analyse-improve on mocks .