Re-Takers, Surprises From Last Year

To anyone that is retaking this exam, were there any questions that took you completely by surprise? For example, I could have sworn I heard there was a vignette on Real Estate, but I really have not seen many real estate questions on Schweser.

RE was there last year but the alternative section pretty much only had RE and hedge funds in it last time around. About half of the material wasn’t there last year and with PE being by far the largest, I can’t say I’m too surprised that Schweser has decided to focus more there.

Dang, I should of taken it last year. The PE part sucks.

2 BOP questions surprised a lot of people. In my L1 and L2 experience portfolio tends to have some obscure questions that are being surprisingly tested.

Real estate - full vignette, very tough ethics, random stuff in PM, BOP in Econ, no time series etc

@ jabroni & cfaboston Can you please tell more on the PM stuff!

Ehics questions were much more difficult than at L1. Eventhough it appears to be the same stuff!!