Do you think you are in better shape than last year around this time (7 weeks to go)? What was your band? Do you think that exam was fair but you were not prepared?

Smokin’hot in the house. I wasn’t logging onto analyst forum until today. I wanted to get through the material. Just doing practice exams now, and dedicated to posting and helping all I can between now and E Day. I was band 9. I am definitely in better shape than I was last year. The mistake I made last time was I relied too much on study guides and didn’t use the CFAI text (except for doing the EOC). This time around, I took enough time to really understand the text. In my opinion, Level 3 requires a fairly deep comprehension of the material. If you have a strong background in the material, maybe you can get by with the study guides. But for the rest of us, the CFAI text is probably a good idea. Level 3 takes material you think you know, and turns it around in a way you may not have seen before and asks you to work with it. I think the exam is fair though. I am not so sure I think the grading is fair. I would not be studying right now if I had taken the test in any other year!

I completely agree with Smokin’hot. Band 10 hopefully i can improve my result :slight_smile: too much racing last time with the guide, and not too much attention to the texts. this time, most attention to the text, and specifically the examples in the text, and end of chapter problems. my goal to complete them all in all the books (perhaps except ethics and gips) and perhaps finish my 2nd Schweser practice book (which i didn’t find that helpful btw). also signed up for the Schweser mock exam on May 22. IPS sections are extremely important, made so many stupid mistakes on them (if i only read the text under the microscope for this part of the exam!)

@ lenchik i too enrolled for mock exams on 22nd may but there was some confusion about email id. just wanted to check if you received any email / link anything that will be important to take the mock test? thanks,

I am sure you guys have better chance to pass than first timers like me.

Band 10 unfortunately worse prepared this year… Exam was definitely fair…time sensitive for myself…Ran out of time on AM section…so practice those exams under time constraint. Hoping to be more prepared than last year come exam time… Cheers and good luck everyone

Band 9 last year. Definitely better off this year. I did not do many q and I got a little nervous after seeing q 1 and I thought I was not getting it broke my confidence. I am paying more attention to IPS and doing a lot of problems. Paying more attention to my weak areas.