Re: why did i apply for HBS? (In an employers eyes)

I applied for HBS but was dinged in the first round, but I decided that it showed a hunger for the industry so i put it very briefly in my resume. here’s the excerpt: EDUCATOINN HBS APPLICANT. (December 2010) • Wrote GMAT and HBS entrant essay Tomorrow i have a telephone interview with Lazard for a summer analyst role in M&A. Its with someone from HR so i expect it to be alot of “fit” type questions. So when i get the inevitable talk me through your resume, how should i talk about my stuying the GMAT? Im proud i applied even if i did fail.

What percent of people got declined before you? You should reference that as well.

Are you serious?

that’s good stuff… probably the first time I’ve actually laughed out loud at something on AF. Nice job!

they dont publish acceptance rates for the online program i wanted

Hate to be a prick but you spelled studying wrong. Education is ok as that is on your resume - they will get it.

Ok nvm. I saw the other thread…

I think what you meant to write was: EDUCATOINN Harvard Business School Graduate (December 2010) • Wrote GMAT and HBS entrant essay • First round rejection


Just make sure you focus on your “hunger for finance” and everything will be ok

haha, holy sh*t that’s pathetic!!!


make sure you wear the t-shirt, too

Make sure you put HBS after your name too, like this: SuperiorReturn, HB$, CFA

Also add: Analyst Forum member - Post Count > 700 Edit: …now I just saw the other thread. Touche.


just for this, af > wso

I actually know a guy whose resume listed the schools that accepted him but he did not decide to attend. Harvard was one of them. I think it was a foreign culture thing.