Reaching the point of diminishing returns.....

I hit the wall today. Doing question #5 on Book 5 of the Global Performance Evaluation section, with the 4 page long answer. Fun stuff. Starting to feel as if I have learned what I’m gonna learn, and any additional studying just serves to make me second guess what I already know, so I’m done. Gonna just skim the sauce and look over formulas, but I’m pretty much calling it quits till the test. Good luck guys, hope to see you all posting your passing scores in August/Sept… Most importantly I hope to not be visiting this forum next year. It’s been real.

Good luck mate, you’re well prepared! Get in to the exam hall with you’re head held high and am sure the answers will blow in the wind – and yes, let’s hope we meet again to share our passing scores – it’s been a pleasure knowing so many faceless but helpful people on this forum

Bye Mark, I am probably going to tool out here pretty quickly as well. It’s been a pleasure!