Read the fine print

For some stupid reason, I thought the early registration deadline was Sept 24, 11:59pm.

As in, 11:59pm YOUR TIME. I’m in Pacific.

Of course not. Everything is ET. ALWAYS.

I’m an hour and a half late and will have to shell out an extra $195 for my stupidity…That’s the whole cost of print books plus food for a week!


There’s an easy way around that:

Eat more.

Don’t worry I eat just fine. There’s this amazing app that give you free food. Check it out–it’s called tinder.


Why would you even cut it so close?

^ Like Austin Powers, he likes to live dangerously.

If you’re a dude, use Grindr. As I understand it, it’s an app for meeting up with other guys who like to eat hoagies.

^ I’m not

i don’t know what I waited. I guess I have a lot of expenses coming up all at once so I wanted to see how I could manage them…anyway my employer will reimburse me if I pass so I guess it doesn’t matter, but still, the initial cost is on me, and I could have bought a new mattress with that!

^ I waited until a few days before the deadline so that I could put it on my next payment cycle for my credit card. That and my stupid car insurance renewal

Don’t you have a credit card?

Oh, I remember someone in AF told us that there used to be a girl who joined study groups from CFA hook up to get free meals.

Btw, I know it sounds wierd but I am among those in the world who don’t have credit cards. In fact I actively closed all of them a year ago. Registered for the exam with my mom’s and paid her in cash immediately.

^ not that smart unless you think you can pay cash for a home too?

^ If you have 25% down, bank won’t care that you don’t have credit cards. Cash is king.

Why not just have a $10k card and pay it off every month? Same thing as cash and you build a CREDIT SCORE.

Can’t build credit without using it…

Good score is how you get good rates. Plain and simple.

I didnt know Greenland had credit cards :wink:

I knew it. You weren’t joking in that other thread. You should have stood your ground.

I have no idea about credit card cultures in North America :). I’m curious: If you haven’t got any credit cards, overdrafts, loans, etc…(you are qualified but you just don’t like them) at the time you apply for a mortgage loan which means your credit history is blank, will it be conventionally considered worse than having a good credit history?

@FT: Ayo, the country is not underdeveloped as you thought …We even sat for CFA exams…lol

Yes. In Canada you are scored from 300-900. If you have no credit you have no score. The higher the score, the more trustworthy you are to a bank and the lower rate they will be comfortable to give you. If you have no credit, then they are more sleptical on your willingness to pay. (the longer the credit is established, the better your scores)

I was underwriting consumer credit for a short period and this is why I know this.

I have about $50k credit limits total on my credit cards. Month-to-month, I carry no balance. I have NEVER paid interest in my life. So it is basically like paying cash, but to the bank I’m a rockstar.

^ I’m in the same boat. Put everything on my credit cards to earn points, make sure any big purchases are made at the beginning of the cycle to maximize time to pay and then pay the whole balance off when due. I’m essentially using the bank and coming out on top.