Read the question or the vignette first?

For those of you who have taken Level 3 before, which would you recommend?

In Level 2, I read the question first, then found the relevant material in the vignette. But I’m starting to wonder with Level 3. It almost seems like you have to read the entire vignette, then go and answer the questions.

Remember to state whether your advice pertains to the morning or afternoon session, because I’m wondering if what works for one will/won’t work for the other.

questions, all the time.

Are you saying to read Question 1, then find the information in the vignette? Or read all the questions first before the vignette?

I’d read all of the questions, then start on the vignette; that way, my reading of the vignette is focused.

i do reading first and then read it again to answer each of the questions

With the PM session, it’s all laid out pretty much the same as Level II. You can read the questions and work your way through the vignette pretty much in order.

With the AM session, you have to read everything in order. Thus, read the entire vignette, then answer the questions.