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While I understand that exam time can be stressful and you want to learn as much as you can. I believe you only have one priority tomorrow - get a lot of sleep. By a lot, I don’t mean just 7 hours, I mean 10 hours if you can. Think of getting enough sleep as the final, and critical part of your study plan. It will be far more valuable to sleep 3 more hours than to stay up and memorize the formula for duration and convexity, you know the drill.

I would actually stop studying after today and play video games all tomorrow.

I would try to sleep early for a week before the exam so that on the eve of the exam your body is used to go to bed at that time.

Personally, I’d still do a little bit on Friday, just to keep the mind fresh. But not more than 3-4 hours. If you ain’t ready by 3:00 on Friday, then you won’t be ready on Saturday.

i wouldn’t play video games because they drain your energy (eyes get dried, etc).

Try just exercising or make a home cook meal or go play with pets or do something relaxing…