Reading 11

I just finished all the problems at the end of reading 11 (Linear Regression). Despite the fact that this is something like my 4th time learning this statistics stuff, it took me a long time to get through all the problems and at first, I was looking up all of the formulas. My question is does anybody have an idea of which formulas from this section are worth making sure that I memorize? So far, reading 12 is more fun because they let the computer do the hard work.

I would stick with Schweser for formulas and problems.

I’m making sure at a bare minimum for this reading to know the test statistics and how to create a ANOVA table. What is your focus here?

Reading 11 was not bad because it was mainly review of level 1 with a bit of “simple” linear regression. My focus was ANOVA, Intervals, and T-test. Reading 12 is more involved. Not so much with calculations but more with the regression assumptions and conflicts.