Reading 13 - Yield Curve strategies

Working with new curriculum and fixed income. I’m looking at exhibit 28 on page 42. They say currency basis swap is made of 3 components with receive fixed JPY swap, JPY/USD cross currency basis swap and pay fixed USD Swap. I’m confused with all swaps.

It says on page 43, by forgoing the pay fixed USD swap (last component), the JPY investor takes USD view on rates by earning USD fixed coupon and paying USD floating. I don’t understand.

I’m confused by exhibit 28 in general. Is this one cross currency swap and two interest rate swaps? I guess I dont understand components. Why does pay-fixed USD swap receive USD floating. How does this receiving floating hedge interest rate view? Very confused.

Confused as well about this one. Looks like a combination of swaps but simply don’t follow the logic.