Reading 14 EOC #10

The question/IPS never addressed his mother’s health care needs as part of the return requirement, so I included the following net of pension income: (3500-1500)*12 = 24,000. Added this to 50,400 in order to obtain 74,400 which equates to a 9.3 percent pre inflation and 10.3 percent post inflation. The guideline answer did not seem to take this into account. Any thoughts?

The first bullet says the IPS forgot to take into account Renee (his mom)

I know which part your talking about now… part B where his circumstances change. I did find this vague myself, as it says “his total cash flow needs” change to 50,400 annually. I think the intention was saying “total cash flow” to include Renee. That combined with a bit of context (the fact that 24,000 to 50,400 just for himself didn’t seem really logical) I gathered what they were trying to do. In any event, they should have been far more clear with regard to bifurcation of him versus his mother’s expenses, and i have run into *several* arbitrary bullshit issues like this, and it gets really frustrating.