Reading 15 Questions in CFAI book

Did the first 8 q’s so far on pages 197/198. These are the first CFAI questions I’ve done, and I don’t like what I’m seeing…just a few examples: Q4. “What course of action should he follow?” I mistakenly was thinking only about financial and investment issues. But based on the answer, is the CFAI really expecting “Hire a lawyer” and “Tell Daddy”? How about adding “Buy a new car” to the list? Q5. CFAI must have some bad lawyers. Apparently poor Hans is out of pocket the entire $1,000,000 that he’s being sued for, and he has to pay his lawyers too. Why not cut his losses and just pay the $1mm and skip the formalities? Secondly, if Peter fires Hans for wrecking his car, I say sue Dad, he’s got no basis for terminating his employment. And why is his risk “severely curtailed?” He’s young, he’s got no family, no critical expenses and even his preferred future investments are not exactly “critical”. I know, I’m nitpicking. But this stuff is so subjective, I’m really worried that my view although perfectly reasonable, simply isn’t going to line up with CFAI’s.

I agree. I am worried. I just don’t get it all this spontaneus , causious…above averge , below average