Reading 28 makes me want to quit the cfa program...

I cant stand reading this stuff, and the questions are even more mind numbing.

The bond section???

Its so boring.

you should quit.

Beta players and Alpha layers or whatever this section is called was the best one by far

bad news, I am sorry make sure to know this chapter by heart and do all the textbook questions, twice, until you UNDERSTAND what’s going on this stuff was tested in a very odd way last year, you needed to be very comfy with it to score the pm points

OK - i just found this old thread after trying to go through the Reading 28 problems - For those that have taken the practice exams, do they REALLY write the questions as convoluted and ambiguous as they do at the end of chapter practice problems? This is HORRIBLE! It seems as if the questions have NOTHING to do with the readings in any DIRECT way! if anyone gets a chance, look at #6B for example… Why cant they just say - list and describe at least 5 Relative Value Methodologies and describe. Instead of me trying to read some PHd’s dissertation on market interactions BLAH BLAH BLAH! ANY TIME FABOZZI’S NAME POPS UP IN THE TITLE - YOU CAN BET IT WONT MAKE ANY FLIPPIN’ SENSE TO A LAYPERSON…