Reading 45

There are lots of exhibits in this reading. Also, Schweser focuses on the LOSs, whereas the Curriculum keeps going on and on about the actual findings by Goldman Sachs. How are you people studying this part? Thanks.

As seen in … Note: The Goldman Sachs research report should be studied for the generic features of security analysis rather than for specific characteristics of a company, industry, or country. Candidates are not expected to know details of the companies, industries, or countries, but rather to understand how the analytical techniques can be applied. Its good to know, so other providers ignore and let you cram the core of it. Hope it helps!

there was a reading on Japan like that in equity last year, just like the above post said : focus on concepts, no point in remembering particular application of the concepts to the situation they are demonstrating

All right cool. It’s funny that the Curriculum reading went on and on about all sorts of unnecessary details that don’t address th LOS (yet are very helpful in gaining knowledge) and that Schweser went directly for the crux. Thank you both!

ruhi NP, you gotta slow down man so I can catch up!