Reading 47 # 12 CFAI Text

Are they joking with this? Seriously.

I don’t have the question in front of me, but remember working on it during the weekend. Is this global attribution?

yes it is. ridiculous 4 step process to calculate a benchmark I am guessing. lining up GDP with market growth. i will skip this and save it for the very last thing lol

I don’t know if you’ve done the EOCs for reading 29, but they’re pretty ridiculous.

ugh I’ve been ripping my hair out with how long this question is taking. I finally finish it, and it seems i have an error, though I cant understand where the error is coming from. the solution shows the Month 2 Index(GDP) Value at 100.5383 However, I calculate this Index(GDP2) as Index(GDP1) * (1+Return2) So 102.5 * (1+(.0191)) = 100.5423 Yet, the solution shows 100.5383 I’m sure I’m doing something stupid and overlooking something obvious, but my whole body is screaming that this isn’t correct in the text. What am I missing?

not sure man. I am backshelving this question. its ridiculous.

This section does seem to have inordinately long and involved questions separated by some of the weakest short answers questions that are basically insulting in their lack of sophistication. “Manager A is underperforming the benchmark” when given in the question both Mgr A’s performance and the BM’s performance seems like just an unacceptable question. No way anything on the exam looks like that. When I mirror what I did for the rest of the Index values using their Index(GDP2) number I get the same results as they do.

Ok, financial analysts— did anyone analyse this any further? After staring at the solution for one hour, and musing at the incredulous nature of this EOC, it seems like a straight forward calculation of two Indices month-over-month. What makes it hairy is that (a) there are 5 months of Index values to calculate (b) based on two weighting schemes-- market cap weighting and GDP weighting © the market cap changes need to be computed to get the changing market cap weights (d) the changing GDP weights need to be calculated (e) finally the weighted returns need tabulation. So, how does someone even come to this realization in an exam setting? or should we let it fall off the back-shelf into the abyss?

SS17 is 3% of the exam, I wouldn’t sweat it too much.