Reading 48 - The BRIC's

So…I’m usually the last one to show a semblance of patrioitism as some of you may have noticed based upon my statements about my home country, but WTF is up with this comparing the BRIC to the G-SIX crap (US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan)? I have noticed that they have done this in topics past in the ciriculum. I mean, I know Canada’s economy is very similar to the US’, but France and Germany are like economic identical twins compared to Canada/US but are both included. I realize France is roughly double Canada in terms of population and the size of their economy, but still. And Italy, talk about a psuedo-basket case! I mean, if they went with the original G5 I could see it, but Italy…they can’t even keep a government in place for any length of time or decide whether or not to stay in the Euro it seems! They have had virtually stagnant economic and population growth for years now right??? Great football team, nice cars, beautiful language and excellant food don’t get me wrong! Perhaps it is due to a lack of Canadian data??? Anyways, another totally useless thread I started to procrasinate further study…back to it!

Link to a pretty picture of the article’s co-author, Roopa Purushothaman. The article has made her into a celebrity of sort.

Wow yeah, smart AND beautiful! I knew that the whole BRIC thing came from Goldman strategists or whatever, and now they often use BRIC + Mexico + South Africa do they not. Was actually my favourite reading of L3 and probably all the levels from CFA books, just because it was interesting…though I don’t like that there was no table on population projections, I can look at that stuff until I’m black and blue! I’m saving GIPS for late April/Early May because I know how painful it will be, so I guess tonight it’s on to the Schweser notes and back to ethics…HAPPY TIMES!