Reading 50-Option Market and Contracts

Volume 6-Derivatives and Portfolio Management L2

In Reading 50, Page 167 Section 6 -Starting with Binomial Model is marked Optional Segment , till Page 211 Section 8.4

This doesnt seems right to me -The reading covered between section 6-8 seems to be in LOS and end of chapter questions also have questions around this section.

Is this a printing error or I am missing something here?

look for errata on the cfai website.

Maybe you should read it anyway, as binomial model is actually interesting and might be practically important depending on your job.

check the errata umanghere … derivatives readings has biggest errors this year…

i think they mark as optional things that were already explained in L1 or earlier in the L2 curriculum. The binomial tree pricing showed up in that reading about bonds with embedded options. maybe thats why

Elcoelhon the tree in the fixed income reading is different to the one in the derivatives topic.

* Derivatives topic - equity tree

Fixed income - bond tree

umanghere, I was disappointed to find out that this is included in the errata:

-Section 5 (p.146) up to Section 5.1 (p.147) should be marked as optional.

-Section 6 (p.167) up to Section 9 (p. 211) were mistakenly marked as optional. These are assigned.

The other way around would have been sweet.