Reading 67 pgs 399-403

I’ve noticed a reoccuring theme in the CFA texts where topics are described in good detail but are nowhere to be found in a LOS. The pages I’ve referenced here discuss calculating accrued interest and determing the number of days in between settlement and coupon payment. Should i assume this is a questionable material? Another topic that comes to mind which was not included in a LOS was the discussion of leveraging the beta, which was discussed in great detail and many of the questions at the end of reading were devoted to it as well. If anyone has any other topics that mysteriously cannot be found in a LOS, please post. I tend the to read the LOS and then find the specific material. It would be helpful to be aware of other topics I have overlooked that do not have a LOS. Thanks

Sorry I’m an idiot. Way out of my league being in a Level II discussion board.