Reading 8, EOC #7

Question 7’s answer is using data (ex. stocks = 750k, bonds = $1m, cash = $1m, gold = 500k) that I don’t see anywhere in the question. I’m not sure if I’m somehow over-looking it, or if it’s actually missing in my curriculum book.

Can anyone confirm if they are missing the data as well, or if they actually have the data (meaning my book is missing it)?

For this question, the only info I’m given in the book is this:

“Since the original evaluation described in the reading, IngerMarine has experienced a catastrophic event from which it cannot recover. Damage claims resulting from a design flaw are expected to leave IngerMarine bankrupt and its stock worthless. Peter’s pension is also lost.”

See Exhibit 5 in the Reading.

Perfect thanks man, makes more sense now.

I think they should reference the exhibit in the problem.