Reading 8 example 2 Help!

I need help in example 2 reading 8 from the CFAI.

where it says ¨Because Size_i,t_ is the natural (base e or 2.72) log of sales, an increase of 1 in Size_i,t_ is the same as a 2.72-fold increase in sales. Thus, the estimated coefficient of approximately –0.7 for Size_i,t_ implies that every 2.72-fold increase in sales of the MNC (an increase of 1 in Size_i,t) is associated with an expected decrease of 0.7 in Tobin’s qi,t_ of the MNC, holding constant the other five independent variables in the regression

I can`t get the 2.72 and its driving me crazy. please help me. thanks!

Put 1 into your calculator, then press the ex button. You’ll get 2.718281828 . . . .

Well, that was easy. Thanks lol

My pleasure.