Reading 9 - Classifying investors into various types

Hello, I hope everyone is on track with their study plans (unlike myself).

I’d like to get everyone’s opinion on whether we should memorize the various models (Barnewall 2-way, BBK etc) and their investor classifications used in reading 9. (e.g. ridiculous names like adventurer, celebrity, straight arrow, passive preserver, friendly follower, independent individualist, active accumulator… etc etc)

The LOS doesnt seem to require it, but Scheweser mocks do contain questions on various types. Has anyone seen questions related to specific models in any of the CFAI mocks?

Bump for 2016! Has anyone seen this in any

I don’t know if you should know all of their characteristics by heart, but to answer your question, looking at past AM exams it seems to be in several questions

just memorize them.

I’ve noticed that schweser tends to test the esoteric, but anything in the cirriculum is fair game.

The BBK 2 way is pretty simple, and the other 2 are basically just overlaps of each other. Not terribly complicated.