Reading 9

Was/Is anyone as confused as I was going through Reading 9 for the first time? I got home after studying on Friday night and felt like I had just been kicked in the stomach.

The worse is yet to come :-)) - Dinesh S

I second what Dinesh said. Reading 10 is PAINFUL! I read all of it, walked myself through the examples, and still walked away, like wtf…

mutualfundsig, didn’t wanted to disappoint you in such a way, but just making you aware of the further readings (9, 10, 11, 12), so that you don’t end up bashing-up people around you after you have read them all, because I did the same and there was no-one to warn me then. - Dinesh S

I strongly agree!!! I had to go through that reading a couple of times… but it pays in the end because the readings that come after built on it…

I am still waiting for my payback, hope this very PBP occurs before 1st Dec :slight_smile: PayBack period (PBP) < DateDiff(12-01-2007 - Today) But, I have just read them just once and hoping to soothe-out a bit when I rerun the quant-road - Dinesh S

My plan of attack is to just get through a study session reading…then go back and take notes and do problems…then move on to the next study session…then once all the study sessions are done…read through Schweser…and then do practice exams…

c’mon people! Stats is fun! To me it’s much more enjoyable a read than Corporate Finance for example. But for those of you who really struggle, I’ll advise to do A LOT of problems-solving. It really helps. Also, as an incentive I can say that if you’re comfortable with this level of Statistics, you’re way ahead of the curve of the general business school graduates. And think of what you can do with this knowledge - I’ve seen people predicting who’s gonna be the wild-card in baseball playoffs based on correlation models of wins vs. RBIs, points, and so forth. They get pretty elaborate in them and quite excited too. So as you see, Stats can be fun! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice and positive reply! I on the other hand would love to do corp finance problems all day. I might change my mind once I actually start doing them though!!