Reading about Alpha

interesting article, pretty light read

Thanks for the link.

Thanks for sharing. So glad I read that Kundera book, seems to be a very common title for articles these days. I love the Quandl concept and hope the company does well

I’ve been a fan of Quandl for a long time. Hopefully one day I can use their data to make money =]

Wynn mad?

Some guy on Bloomberg actually said “pure alpha” the other day, first time I hard anyone say that, I invented the term a decade ago! :slight_smile:

Isn’t Pure Alpha the name of one of Bridgewater’s funds?

^It has only been around for 25 years and there is a Pure Alpha II, but no need to tap on anyone’s bubble.

purealpha = Ray Dalio?

Dammit! Well, I independently invented the term.