Reading Ethics?

Has anyone else started with reading Ethics? I anticipated it being a little more interesting and a quicker read this time around… Any thoughts?

That book looked way too big since it was combined with quant analysis and economics I think. I am only 60 pages deep in FSA (looks much thinner). I haven’t been able to focus too much on it though. Isn’t ethics pretty basically the same with some new topics ??

Yeah ethics is pretty much the same. But i bet the questions will be even harder/trickier than they were for L1

ethics is tricky but the questions were very similar to those on the CFAI practice exams and the examples in the readings. I would just review those in the few weeks before the exam-they will try and get you on the minute details so if the case studies are fresh in your head on exam day you’ll be fine. For me the odds of retaining the level of detail they look for between now and exam day are slim and I wont really read it until a few weeks before the exam and then review it the night before…