Reading Exam IPS Questions

Do you read through the IPS questions only once or more than once? I find myself reading through them several times to make sure that I don’t miss out key information. I assume however that the CFAI time allocations only factor in a single read. Maybe this is why some of us are running out of time.

Keep practicing them. After you do enough of them, you’ll find that the pertinent facts jump out at you and that you can skip a lot of the BS necessary to make it read well. I also underline the imporant stuff and/or rewrite some of it in the margins to make it easier when I flip back. Be sure to read the actual questions first too, you’ll find that a lot of the information given is not needed.

Sometimes, the styple of answer really changes. For example, I remember for an endowment question about liguidity, the correct answer says: the liquidity requirement is low , because …(low, high, are so general); but in another year, for similiar question, the correct answer says: the required liquidity is 4%, because the near-term spending of the endowment is … (4%, it becomes more specific) I feel it is a little hard to grab the key point.

Thanks for the advice Higgs. I’ll keep working towards the elusive goal of just a single read-through. I’ve been losing way too much time flipping back and forth.